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Medi-Ring®: The Medicine Bottle Identification System

With over 10,000+ Users and counting, Medi-Ring® is the most trusted and simplest medication identification system available.


mediringicon Invented by a Pharmacist

mediringicon Snaps on and Stays Attached

mediringicon Increases Safety and Confidence

mediringicon Identify Medication at a Glance

mediringicon No Battery / No Programming

mediringicon Simple to Use

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The Institute for Safe Medication Practices has identified three basic errors people make when taking prescriptions:

mediringicon Improper Use – failure to understand what the medication controls.

mediringicon Underuse – failure to remember if a medication was taken; leads to skipped doses.

mediringicon Overuse – bottles all look alike; easy to double-dose one medication and skip another.



MEDI-RING® is a cost-effective way for your customers to identify their prescriptions.

mediringicon At a glance, patients or caregivers can recognize the medication.

mediringicon Adds a measure of confidence that it is the correct medication.

mediringicon A ‘snap’ to use.



Why Pharmacists, Doctors, Physicians, Health-Care Providers should offer Medi-Ring®.

mediringicon as the best source for refills.

mediringicon as a caring health care partner.

mediringicon as the pharmacy deserving of referrals.

From the inventor of Medi-Ring®

“As a registered pharmacist for more than 20 years, the number of hospital admissions annually due to people taking the wrong medication became a concern to me, so I developed MEDI-RING®.”

-Frederick Hirth, Inventor of Medi-Ring®

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The need for MEDI-RING® increases in proportion to the number of prescribed medications a patient takes. Multiple pill bottles for multiple ailments can be confusing to the elderly, or to anyone with poor eyesight, or compromised mental faculties. Pain also increases confusion, and there are many differing medications for pain.

Medication errors are estimated to account for 140,000 deaths annually, and those who suffered unintended drug events were hospitalized eight to twelve days longer. Preventable adverse drug effects cost the healthcare system $2 billion a year, driving up the cost of health insurance.
People who rely on family, or multiple caregivers to administer their medication will have added peace of mind that potential errors are minimized by the use of MEDI-RING®.

At least 1.5 million Americans are sickened, injured, or die each year from medication errors. Unfamiliarity with drug names, newly available pharmaceuticals, and similar packaging or labeling all compound the problem. MEDI-RING® has proven instrumental in reducing such errors at home.


MEDI-RING® is a customizable ring that snaps onto prescription medication bottles enabling a patient to write pertinent information on it in language the user understands, such as the condition for which it is intended, and any other helpful hints to ensure that the medicine is taken correctly. MEDI-RING® is available in two sizes to fit more than 95% of the prescription bottles used in retail pharmacies.

Patients taking multiple medications find this extremely beneficial because the majority of prescription labels affixed by the pharmacy do not indicate their purpose—only the name of the patient,  medication name, strength, amount and dosage instructions.
Refills are a ‘snap’ because the user simply snaps the MEDI-RING® in place, thereby eliminating any need to re-write this information each time they receive a new bottle.


MEDI-RING® was developed by a pharmacist to help eliminate errors when taking prescription medications. In 2008, nearly 1.9 million people were treated or hospitalized in the U.S. for illness and injuries related to taking medicines, a 54% increase in incidents over previous years. The growing number of such errors can be attributed to an increase in the number of medications being prescribed, and the fact that many pharmacy labels indicate dosages, but fail to identify specifically what the medication treats. Also, according to the National Community of Pharmacists Association, “as many as 75% of Americans admit they don’t take medications as directed.” MEDI-RING® is a user-friendly device that snaps onto prescription bottles presenting a space on which the patient may write what the medication controls, and any other information they feel is necessary to take the drug correctly.

Pharmacists & Medical Providers…


MEDI-RING® simply snaps onto a prescription bottle presenting a blank space for the patient to write their own words that will ensure that they take the medication properly.

Your customers will have additional peace of mind that they are taking the right medication as prescribed, and at MEDI-RING® , we believe that they will be inclined to show all their friends this helpful tool that just happens to have your logo affixed.

Pharmacist Frederick Hirth developed MEDI-RING® out of concern for those hospitalized due to medication errors. You can ease your similar concerns by supplying MEDI-RING® with every prescription you fill.

MediRing Medicine Bottle Identification Labels for Safety

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“After an incident when Jack had taken the wrong medication due to vision issues, our pharmacist recommended Medi-Ring to allow Jack to see his labels clearly. Thank you Medi-Ring”
Jack and Penny M., Sun City - Arizona
“Purchased Med-Ring – Thank you for taking some of my daily stress away”
Helen T., Sun City - Arizona
“Medi-Ring saved my life!”
Owen R., Flagstaff - Arizona
“Medi-Ring has made taking my medication easy by allowing me to see everything clearly”
Kathryn P., Leisure World - California
“Dear Fred, thank you for the Medi-Ring sample you sent me. As promised, I am writing this review to show my appreciation and support of your product. I was skeptical about it because it looks so simple. Yet, it has made my morning, afternoon, and evening medication times quick and effortless. I now have 10 rings, even on some of my vitamin bottles. Thanks again Fred! Maury”
Maury S., Anthem - Arizona
“We are very grateful to have found Medi-Ring. We have experienced a few scary moments over the last few months. We feel much better knowing we can clearly identify our medications”
Judy A., Del Webb - Arizona
“We tried electronic gadgets, phone [applications], and others. All of them more trouble than they were worth. For the price and ease of use, Medi-Ring is by far the best system we have found to ensure we take the correct medications”
Ken and Barb W., Scottsdale - Arizona
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