Medi-Ring for Pet Medications

Medi-Ring and Pet Medications   Got pet medications? Here at Medi-Ring®, we love our animals! And more and more of our four-legged friends need prescription medications these days. The FDA warns pets and the people who love them: buying pet medications online isn’t always your best bet. Particularly if the website advertises “no prescription required.” [...]

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Parents and Prescriptions; MEDI-RING to the rescue!

PARENTS AND PRESCRIPTIONS Do you currently take at least one prescription medication? If so, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control reported in 2012 that 48.7% of Americans are currently taking at least one prescription medication. If you have aging parents, brace yourself. The statistics skyrocket! In December 2014, Forbes magazine reported that people [...]

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MEET THE MEDI-RING® Meet the MEDI-RING®, a customizable ring that snaps onto prescription medication bottles enabling a patient to write pertinent information on it in language the user understands, such as the condition for which it is intended, and any other helpful hints to ensure that the medicine is taken correctly. MEDI-RING® is available in [...]

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