Medi-Ring and Pet Medications



Got pet medications?

Here at Medi-Ring®, we love our animals!

And more and more of our four-legged friends need prescription medications these days.

The FDA warns pets and the people who love them: buying pet medications online isn’t always your best bet. Particularly if the website advertises “no prescription required.”

Your veterinarian will prescribe the perfect dosage for your pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association warns pet parents against self-diagnosing or medicating fur children.  Your pet’s specific needs must be taken in to account for any ailment.

The same is true of over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

And remember, this wisdom applies to all species! Never take medication that wasn’t prescribed specifically for you!

Which brings us to another point our customers often bring up.

Many pet parents have told us they have come close to taking their dog’s or cat’s medication, particularly when they happen to be taking the same one!

Don’t let this happen to you! Use Medi-Ring® to distinguish Fido’s pills from yours!  Whether for pet medications or human medications, Medi-Ring® will clear up any confusion.

Talk to your personal pharmacist about getting your pet prescriptions filled where you fill your own. Odds are good they can take care of your pet medication needs.

Visit our website to register to win free Medi-Rings® – for the whole family – two legged, four legged, winged and wiggling!



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